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our platform

Developed for more effective, data-driven advertising

Create the right goals from day one

Built-in campaign settings to set the right objectives for your campaigns

Campaign optimization

Bid optimization and KPI automation with AI-driven insights and recommendations

Make metrics-based decisions

Develop your marketing strategy and evaluate the result with accurate performance reporting

What Clients Say

"We have been working with Madopi Media for more than 3 years.
We achieve the major part of our goals and get excellent support from their team".
Charles Farmer
Media Buyer, Digital Tech Labs

Platform Capabilities

Campaign management

Simple control of all advertising campaigns’ aspects

Media Management

Our powerful tools help to manage media deals with publishers


Apply various targeting options to achieve different goals

Consumer Segmentation

Boost your results with lookalike and patterned audiences to broaden your 1st party data

Global Scale

Numerous locations and hundreds of publishers

Reporting and measurement

Control any metric in real time with our proprietary solution


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