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Smart product powered by machine learning to help you meet your monetization needs.

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MADOPI is a marketing cloud created to help online media organizations to monetize their inventory.

MADOPI is powered by the technology of machine learning and applies content semantic analysis and users' actions to understand their interests and the content they usually read on websites. We use this information to deliver personified advertising messages right on the website. This helps each visitor get a unique user experience.


the reading experience

Let the content
deliver itself

Streamline your
revenue growth

the reading experience

Personalize the reading experience

With the use of advanced machine learning technology and semantic content analysis, you can personalize and enhance your users' experience like never before. Your readers will recommendations based on their individual interests. This tailor-made and exceptional reading experience will help you to increase and draw your audience.

Our process

  • Choose a service

    Explore what we can offer and choose the service which meets your objectives.

  • Payment

    We guarantee the security of all payments. Choose the most suitable payment method.

  • Enjoy the result

    Enjoy the cutting edge solution which will lead you to better results.

MADOPI features have no limits!

Enjoy the advantages of unlimited features which MADOPI has to offer you.

  • Dynamic advertising

    - Device targeting;- Geo-targeting;- Contextual targeting;- Real-time recommendations.

  • Advertising automation

    - Dynamic assembling;- Automated content selection;- Delivery time personalization


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